I first learned the word prononco for pronunciation. When I first started reading PMEG a couple of months ago, I noticed the word elparolo is used.

What is the difference between the two words? When would I use the one over the other?

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I used PIV and found these definitions:


Maniero kiel oni prononcas

There was no result for elparolo, but I imagine it would be something like: "Maniero kiel oni elparolas". Hence, it becomes a matter of verbs instead of nouns:


Artikige aŭdigi


1 Prononci

2 Elfluigi la vortojn en propra maniero

It seems like they are synonyms. I'd say that this is another example where Esperanto has two words for the same thing: one loaned root and one kunmetaĵo, alike hospitalo and malsanulejo.


According to my research, elparolo is closer to enunciation and prononco to pronunciation, whose difference in English itself is delicate.

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