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Is "ĝi estas bona" abbreviated to "estas bona" or "estas bone"?

I had an discussion on this question earlier, where I thought it would be estas bona, since despite ĝi being omitted, we're still talking about "it". Some more experienced speaker said it is estas ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Esperanto Internet age abbreviations?

What are the translations or the equivalents to some of the these most used abbreviations of the internet age? LOL WTF OMG ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Esperanto terms and abbreviations for video game terminology

ENGLISH I am wondering about the conventional Esperanto translations for such gaming-related terms as "hit points", "mana points", "energy points", "free for all", etc. Thus far, I have used "...
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KD and TTT – any other Esperantizations of global tech abbreviations?

I know about KD (kompakta disko) for CD and TTT (Tut-Tera Teksaĵo) for WWW. Are there any other Esperanto versions of global tech abbreviations? For example: DVD, SMS, MMS, USB, URL, LP, TV…
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Abbreviations for organizations in Esperanto texts - in Esperanto or English?

When translating, the goal is to make the content understood. Therefore, we would usually translate everything into Esperanto. However, another issue is being able to follow up on what the text is ...
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Ĉu iu ajn uzas pronomojn verbe?

Do, mi ofte mallongigas salutojn. Plejparte homoj komprenas "sal," sed kio pri "mias Elikjo" anstataǔ "mi estas Elikjo?"
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Month name abbreviations / mallongigoj de nomoj de monatoj

In several languages, there are common abbreviations for the names of months of the Gregorian calendar. E.g. in English: En pluraj lingvoj estas mallongigoj por la nomoj de monatoj de la Gregoria ...
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