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Questions tagged [accusative]

For questions about the accusative case (used for direct objects, indicated by the suffix -n)

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When should you use the accusative case?

Of course the accusative case is used for the Direct Object. However, this is far from the only usage of the accusative in Esperanto. When should I use it and when should I avoid it?
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What is the best way to express the accusative of non-Esperanto words in an Esperanto text?

What is the best way to express the accusative of non-Esperanto words in an Esperanto text? For example: Mi ŝatas Facebook. Tina konas Mark, sed Mark ne konas Tina. Mi forgesis kunporti la ...
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6 votes
7 answers

How to mark accusative for correlatives of quantity? Kiel marki akuzativon ĉe "...iom"-aj tabelvortoj?

If I'm not mistaken, the two distinct English questions (a) How many workers need that much work? and (b) How many workers does that much work need? would in Esperanto both be rendered as Kiom da ...
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Rolmontrilo/akuzativo post kiel por rolo/funkcio

En ĵusa demando oni skribis ion ĉi tian: Mi havis araneon kiel dorlotbesto. Mi opinias ke tio signifus: Mi havis araneon tiel, kiel dorlotbesto havus araneon. Sed, se oni aldonas -n al dorlotbesto:...
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What is the object of "instrui"?

How does one construct a sentence containing "to teach someone something"? Can I have two objects in the accusative or do I need a preposition? Ŝi instruas lin la francan. Ŝi instruas al li la ...
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6 votes
3 answers

How to know, when NOT to use accusative?

Some of the things that I really like about Esperanto are the clear rules without exceptions. But there is something that is not really clear and I think, Zamenhof didn't notice. Zamenhof states in ...
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Where do you put the accusative when the object is a sentence?

I want to write something in the line of The colors show which heads wear hats. where the object of show is which heads wear hats. Naively, I would go La koloroj montras kiujn kapojn portas ...
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Why accusative in duration before "antaŭ"?

Why does "monatojn" carry the accusative marker "-n" in the following sentence? Ĉiu diskutota demando estas ja publikigita tri monatojn antaŭ la kongreso. (Seen in PMEG, which in turn attributes ...
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