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"Estas bele" vs "estas bela" (or "beli")

I sometimes saw adverbs instead of adjectives being used to describe things, like for example in estis bele ke vi povis alveni. Why wouldn't one use bela instead? After all, in the sentence you are ...
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Can you write "Mi baldaŭ foriras" instead of "Mi baldaŭ foriros"?

According to ReVo, baldaŭ means post mallonga tempo. Since the idea of posterity is already expressed by the adverb, is it possible to use the -as tense with a verb associated to this adverb?
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What is the difference between "Mia onklo venas sane" and "Mia onklo venas sana"?

I know that one of them is an adverb and one of them is an adjective. But what is the more deeper meaning of the sentences? Can you create a proper context for them please? Do also similar examples ...
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