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Questions related to printed or digital books.

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How to figure out which significant works in Esperanto are Public Domain by now?

I would like to be able to read and work with newly Public Domain Esperanto works. How can I best try to retrieve information about which works were released when and as such when they are in the ...
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Is the translation of the novel “1984” good?

Is the translation of George Orwell's “1984” by Donald Broadribb good? I heard that there are many bad Esperanto translation made by computers and because the preface is captioned by “antaŭvorto” ...
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Kio kaj kie estas la dana urbo Arĥangelsk?

Mi estas leganta "Paŝoj al plena posedo" de William Auld. En la unua legaĵo troviĝas tiu frazo: Mia amiko, Ripsrops, veturis antaŭ nelonge per sia beleta ĉaro, vi scias, tiu „Mercedes“, ...
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2 answers

Symbol key for PIV online?

The PIV online uses many symbols that can sometimes be deduced—but not always. For instance, if you look up mortiĝi, you get: You can hover over “evi” to discover it means evitinda (avoidable), and ...
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Were the Chronicles of Narnia ever translated to Esperanto?

I searched on Wikipedia and Google but can't find a translation (apart from the title, La kronikoj de Narnio). It surprises me, since it thought it was as culturally important as, for instance, the ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Android eBook reader with Esperanto dictionary integration

I am looking for an Android eBook reader (PDF or ePUB) that integrates with an Esperanto dictionary. While reading I want to be able to highlight an Esperanto word and get its translation in a popup ...
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book search engine?

I think that I stumbled upon a web search engine with an index of many esperanto books. You could search for phrases, and it replied with findings in these books, complete with title, author and so on....
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3 answers

Book of vocabulary organized by themes

Could anyone refer a book of Esperanto vocabulary in which the words are classified by themes, rather than alphabetic order; something like Andrey Taranov's series books, or Barron's series?
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5 votes
5 answers

Translated sentences of Kellerman's 'A complete grammar of Esperanto'

At the end of lessons in Kellerman's 'A complete grammar of Esperanto' there are 'Sentences for Translation' exercises. Does anyone have a document with each lesson's translated sentences in Esperanto ...
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5 answers

Intermediate and advanced Esperanto learning books (lernolibroj)

Are there any intermediate to advanced level Esperanto learning books or ebooks? Most seem to apply to beginners. For those that have mastered the basics, however there seems to be a lack of books, ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Recommended English-Esperanto dictionaries?

There are a number of dictionaries on Amazon, but I'm not sure which ones are relevant and of high quality. I've seen Wells used as a source for a number of answers here on Stack Exchange. We have had ...
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9 votes
6 answers

Is there a group established to translate books into Esperanto

I'm searching for a group that translates books into Esperanto and would like to volunteer some of my time to help in the endeavor of translating. Duolingo has an immersion feature that allows several ...
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3 answers

Where can I find Lovecraft books in Esperanto?

It seems like there should be translations available given the public domain status of Lovecraft's work. Where can I find them?
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11 votes
8 answers

Where do I find online bookshelves with ebooks or PDFs written in Esperanto?

Since Esperanto has existed since 1887, there should be some ebooks (e.g. original texts or early translations), maybe also some later works that were made available for private use by the author/...
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9 votes
1 answer

What were the most sold books in Esperanto in 2015?

I remember seeing some statistics in a magazine of UEA. Does someone have some data in a freely and easily consultable format?
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3 votes
5 answers

Most well-known books translated into Esperanto?

What are the most well-known books that have been translated into Esperanto?
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4 answers

How can you teach Esperanto effectively to young children (like little brothers, sisters)?

Most methods seem to assume grammatical knowledge you cannot expect at that age. Which methods are recommended for this age and knowledge?
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Ĉu ekzistas lernolibroj por lerni la Anglan pere de Esperanto?

Laŭ mia scio ekzistas lernmetodoj por Esperanto en preskaŭ ĉiu lingvo, kaj multaj homoj lernas Esperanton ĉar ili ne bone sukcesis pri la angla. Ankaŭ mi scias ke eblas lerni diversajn lingvojn pere ...
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