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Diacritics are those glyphs added to the Esperanto letters ĉ, ĝ, ĥ, ĵ, ŝ, ŭ, and their uppercase variant.

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Can I ask people to use the x system for accessibility purposes?

If I was blind and my braille display did not support or show the accented letters in Esperanto with a circumflex or breve above the letter, could I just ask people I'm taking with to use the X or H ...
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An US international keyboard with diacritics for more letters

Recently I bought a new laptop with Windows 10 and I tried to make characters like "ĉ" and "ŭ" which I was able to do in my school Chromebook with the "US international ...
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3 answers

How is the Ĥ letter pronounced?

The way people explain the pronunciation of the Ĥ letter is rather confusing. The sources I've seen explained it in two very different ways: 1) Like the German CH (like in Sternchen), which is in the ...
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Esperanto and LaTeX

It is not immediately obvious how to properly and easily write the Esperanto diacritic characters in LaTeX. I have some ideas, which I will post as my own answer below, but I am interested if anybody ...
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What are the "names" of the diacritic letters in the Esperanto Alphabet?

If I wanted to sing the ABCs, how would I do it in Esperanto? In all seriousness though, English letters are generally referred to by a name (Ae, Bee, See, ..., Aech, Eye, Jay). But I can't really ...
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Ĉu oni povas tajpi esperante sur aparato de PocketBook?

Mi koncideras aĉeti legilon por bitlibroj, kaj iu rekomendis al mi aparaton de „PocketBook“. Kompreneble, mi volos legi ankaŭ esperantajn librojn sur ĝi, kaj plej verŝajne, mi bezonos uzi PIV-on (aŭ ...
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Which fonts support Esperanto diacritics?

A lot of the time, even on pleasant-looking, modern websites or images, letters with Esperanto diacritics stand out from the rest due to the font chosen. Which fonts support the ĉapeloj?
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When diacritics cannot be used, which is more popular, the x- or h- system?

Not everyone can type using Esperanto's diacritics at all times, so we have the h- and x-systems to allow writers to continue to write Esperanto words. On the whole, which system is more popular, and ...
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7 votes
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How can we motivate Microsoft to release a native esperanto keyboard layout for Windows? [closed]

Has someone tried it, e.g. using a petition? What was the result? I am not interested in any additional software. Just a native keyboard layout for Windows.
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10 votes
7 answers

How do I type the Esperanto letters on Android?

Is there a practical and easy way to type ĉ, ĝ and so on on an Android phone?
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10 votes
6 answers

How do I type the supersigned Esperanto letters (Mac / iOS)?

What methods or programs are available for typing the characters with accents using Mac OS and iOS? Are there different versions for different Apple products? I have read there is more for Apple than ...
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25 votes
17 answers

How do I type the Esperanto letters with accents on Linux?

What methods or programs are available for typing the characters with accents on Linux?
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26 votes
19 answers

How do I type the Esperanto letters on Windows?

What methods or programs are available for typing the characters with accents on system Windows and Windows Mobile?
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What happened to the letter ĥ during the evolution of Esperanto from Zamenhof to our times?

There is a strong tendency in Esperanto to replace the letter ĥ by different means (e.g. arĥitekto becomes arkitekto). What happened to the letter ĥ? Why is it singled out as a target for replacement?
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