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Is there 1-to-many dictionary sql, txt, raw-binary... pictures...?

I'm looking for sql or txt digitized dictionary Esperanto-English, 1(word)-to-many(words) or 1(word)-to-1(word). Is there???
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Is there an Esperanto online dictionary meta search?

There are various online dictionaries, and sometimes a word one is looking for can only be found in some or even only one of them. Visiting all of those dictionaries to search through them for a ...
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Ĉu ekzistas etimologia vortaro de Esperanto?

Lernante Esperanto, mi ofte povas memori Esperantajn vortojn, afiksojn kaj radikojn pli bone, se mi scias ilia(j)n origino(j)n. Ĉu ekzistas etimologia vortaro de Esperanto? Se jes, ĉu ekzistas reta ...
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2 answers

Is there an online Esperanto word stem "diagrammer?"

Is there a site or resource that will take an Esperanto word and diagram the different components? For example, given "malsanulejo," the "diagrammer" would return something like: mal-: prefix meaning ...
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Which is the appropriate translation of 'multilingual'?

I want to use the phrase in a multilingual dictionary. There are several options that I have in mind, but I have no idea which one (or none) should I memorise. lingva, multa lingva, multlingva, ...
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paniki, panikigi kaj panikiĝi

Ĉu la verbo "paniki" estas transitiva aŭ netransitiva verbo? Laŭ PIV ĝi estas transitiva verbo, sed laŭ ReVo ĝi estas netransitiva verbo, kies transitiva uzo estas evitinda. Estas malkongruo inter ...
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Mallongigoj Specialaj de

Mi trovas multajn mallongigojn en (ekz suf[ikso], k[aj], ktp), sed ne komprenas iuj el tiuj, kaj ne povas trovi liston de ĉiuj mallongigoj uzataj en ĝi. Ĉu iu povas helpi min pri tio ...
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Android eBook reader with Esperanto dictionary integration

I am looking for an Android eBook reader (PDF or ePUB) that integrates with an Esperanto dictionary. While reading I want to be able to highlight an Esperanto word and get its translation in a popup ...
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Is there a (possibly online) dictionary of electronics in Esperanto?

Electronics is a huge topic full of many technical terms, a lot of which have different names in different languages. I am referring to things like voltage, current (theoretical stuff), etc., ...
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Different Esperanto Dictionaries

There have been many references to different Esperanto dictionaries here such as LaTex, ReVo, etc. I would like to understand the origin of these and why people rely on one more than the other. Is ...
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Do dictionaries that don't exist online reflect current usage?

Nowadays, there are a lot of Esperanto beginners on the Internet. Dictionaries that are freely available on the Internet such as ESPDIC, reta-vortaro and are widely used. What should ...
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