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Disambiguating the thing to which "kiu(n)" and "ĝi(n)" refer

Artifika Ekzemplo La aĵo kunpuŝiĝis kun la alia aĵo, kiu kaŭzas ĝin pensi pri vivo. La Demando Kiel oni distingus... ...kiun aferon rilatas la "ĝin"? ...kiun rilatas la "kiu" (t.e. ĉu estas la ...
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How to translate "trade mark" or "brand" (whether registered or not)?

What is the Esperanto word for "trade mark" or "brand"? In ReVo I found "komerca marko" and "fabrikmarko" that don't seem to be further explained there, but might be fitting. Though: Can e.g. "...
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Do you know an eloquent presentation of the differences between the miscellaneous locative prepositions?

To my mind, some locative prepositions make distinctions that are rather subtle, and I'm not sure I understand them well. So I'm looking for concrete examples where an explanation of the difference in ...
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What are English/Esperanto counterparts regarding the vocabulary pertaining to discourse segmentation?

While in a daily conversation, you might use words like clause, phrase, proposition and statement as synonyms, they all have a slightly more accurate meaning, which is useful when you have to deal ...
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