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Did Zamenhof recommend this usage of apostrophe in the H-System?

La Vikipedio has the following passage: Por eviti la ambiguecon en tiu sistemo en vortoj kiel flughaveno, chashundo, traumata (ĉu traŭmata aŭ tra-um-ata?), oni devas aldone uzi alian montrilon. ...
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When diacritics cannot be used, which is more popular, the x- or h- system?

Not everyone can type using Esperanto's diacritics at all times, so we have the h- and x-systems to allow writers to continue to write Esperanto words. On the whole, which system is more popular, and ...
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How much has Esperanto changed over the years since the publication of Fundamento de Esperanto? [closed]

I have been let know that the Esperanto community is known to be resistant to change. Languages like Ido and Zamenhof's Reformed Esperanto haven't got nearly as much attention as the main language, ...
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How did the h-system of typing accented characters come about?

eg. "ch" instead of "ĉ". It's less common than the x-system of typing accented characters, but some Esperanto sites do have it as an option, such as It seems to introduce ...
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