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Kiel eltrovi mian Esperanta nivelon laŭ KER? How can I find out my Esperanto level according to CEFRL?

I'd like to know what my level of Esperanto currently is, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL; esperante Komuna Eŭropa Referenckadro por lingvoj (KER)). I ...
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KER B2 to C1 study advice

This year I passed the KER B2 exam and I'm now already contemplating what it would take to reach the next level ... other than time :) Is there any advice to share on the preparation from intermediate ...
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Any experience and advice on KER B exam?

Could someone who has successfully passed the Esperanto KER B1 or B2 exam share some experience? Any preparation advice? How long it took to prepare (from starter)? Any strategies, areas to focus or ...
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Esperanto KER Exams

How realistic a goal is it for an intermediate esperantist to aim for the KER C1 exam some months ahead? How good do you have to be and how do you know when you have got there? How much study did ...
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Ĉu okazis la KER-ekzameno por la nivelo A1?

Suprizis min vidi ke laŭ la retejo de, iu diplomiĝis pri la nivelo A1 je la KER-ekzameno (ekzameno por lingvokonoj). A1 estas la plej baza nivelo, kaj mi ŝatus havi pli da informoj pri tio....
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