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Questions tagged [learning]

Use this tag for question about learning Esperanto or specific aspects of Esperanto.

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12 answers

Why should I learn Esperanto?

I barely remember why I started learning Esperanto. One day, I just thought: "Man, there exists a language called Esperanto, but I don't know anything about it, so why not investigate that matter a ...
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1 answer

Published sources describing the speed of Esperanto learning

My experience of learning Esperanto is that it is very easy to learn, I think most people who have tried agree. However, as part of my academic work, I am a neuroscientist with an interest in language ...
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How does Esperanto work for speakers of non-Western languages?

I need to be careful with this question, to avoid it becoming too opinion-based: Given that Eo has origins in Indo-European languages, with both grammatical constructs and vocabulary, it seems to me ...
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