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What do you think about the claim that Esperanto's lexicon is too Romance-based? [closed]

The reason that I asked this question was because I had recently heard someone say that Esperanto was far too Western to be international. This bugged me a lot. Apparently, it actually is pretty ...
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What affix, if any, can be used to reference an element of array?

Esperanto have several useful affixes when it comes to describe containers. At least for set/element, it seems to me that -ar-/-er- makes a rather obvious pair. When it comes to referring something ...
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Esperanto word for (gymnast’s) mat

I’m looking for a suitable translation for the object named “mat” in English and used in e.g. gymnastics or yoga: that is, either a piece of foam covered in vinyl/plastic/leather or a piece of PVC/...
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Does Esperanto have a lexicon as wide and rich as the English lexicon?

In the English language, there are a lot of words that describe a wide variety of situations, qualities, actions, etc. That causes the English lexicon to be extraordinarily large. In the English ...
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