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How does one express "to share" in Esperanto?

There seems to be several words in Esperanto that all correspond to the English verb "to share". Right now I can think of dividi, diskonigi and kunhavi. I'd love to see a collection of them all, and ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Kion signifas fini demandon per "do"?

Ekzemploj: "Kaj kio do?" – "Al kiu do?" – "Kial do?" Tekstaro donas pli ol 100 similajn rezultojn por la serĉesprimo " do\?"
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20 votes
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What is the meaning of "korekta" and when to use it?

It is a common error to believe that "correct" in English translates to "korekta" in Esperanto. The correct word is "ĝusta" or "senerara". But if "korekta" does not mean "correct", what does it mean ...
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What is the difference between -ita and -ata?

I've seen phrases translated using both forms and apparently meaning the exact same thing. For example, I have seen "I am busy" translated as both mi estas okupita and mi estas okupata. How do I ...
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Demando pri "lasi" kun "I-verbo"

En esperanta blogero el la blogo de Jouko Lindstedt, mi trovis la jenan frazon (ĝuste en la fino de tiu blogero): Esperanto estas maniero lasi la realon surprizi. La signifo ŝajnas klara: ...
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What is the difference between "Mia onklo venas sane" and "Mia onklo venas sana"?

I know that one of them is an adverb and one of them is an adjective. But what is the more deeper meaning of the sentences? Can you create a proper context for them please? Do also similar examples ...
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How to translate "custom" in "custom file formats", referring to various rich-text formats?

How should "custom" in the following section from the Django Girls tutorial be translated to Esperanto? Why are we installing a code editor? You might be wondering why we are installing ...
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