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Expressing multiples of something

The best way to illustrate the question is by example. I now have {twice}/{double}/{two times the} the work to do, in half the time! Of course, I do not want to limit it to this example, but it is ...
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How to say aloud fractions without the -ono suffix?

I know that you can pronounce a fraction using the -ono suffix. However, in some situations it can be hard to parse; for example 2/10 is pronounced du dekonoj but can be mistaken for dudekonoj, that ...
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Grammar for ordinal numbers greater than 10

Saluton! It is to my understanding that ordinal numbers are constructed with a -a prefix. First - 1st - unua Second - 2nd - dua ~ Tenth - 10th - deka Based on this, would "eleventh" be deka unua or ...
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Kiu nivelo de domo estas la "unua etaĝo"?

La maniero per kiu oni kalkulas etaĝojn estas malsama en la germana kaj la sveda. En la sveda, la normo estas ke la "unua etaĝo" staras sur la grundo. Tie kie oni eniras la domon estas la unua etaĝo. ...
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How do you format the time in Esperanto?

What are the ways and the most common ways to format times in Esperanto? Is it like on a digital clock like 23:10, or more like 23h10 (in French), or 23h10m or other things?
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Any systematic way of building different adjectives from numerals than just ordinals?

I can imagine quite a few adjectives related to some small numbers at least, mostly by how they work in my native language (there will presumably be many more). For example with 2 (derived from dva – ...
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Kio estas la esperanta nombro disigilo, komo aŭ mallarĝa spaceto?

En Vikiklerigeja kurso pri internaciigo mi ŝanĝis la rimarko pri la esperanta nombrnotacio, ĉar mi kredas ke la disigilo inter milaj grupoj estas mallarĝa spaceto, anstataŭ la komo origine verkita. Ĉu ...
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When do we write numbers with letters?

The only place where I had to write 218 with "ducent dek ok" was in Lernu! and Duolingo. I never had to write any number in letters outside of a learning course. When people can write "dek sepa", they ...
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