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Everything on the Esperanto-based hospitality service, Pasporta Servo. Website:

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Why is Pasporta Servo Not Allowing Me to Register? [closed]

I enter my username, matching passwords, and email address, and click register, but it returns me to the same screen, with the password fields deleted. I have not received any registration email.
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Feasible trip itineraries using only Pasporta Servo?

What regions of the world make a good target for backpacking-style travel using only Pasporta Servo and public transportation (no car-renting)? Europe seems to be the most densely populated with hosts ...
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What is the easiest way to find Esperantized names of cities?

For a trip I am planning I have been looking in the pasporta servo for people in India. I've tryed searching for cities by the name from Google maps, but not a lot of people were found. Then I ...
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How good should one be to participate in Pasporta Servo?

I am a member of Couchsurfing and I really enjoy hosting travellers from around the world (having only been a guest once so far), so I find the idea of Pasporta Servo fantastic. But without much ...
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