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Text correction [closed]

I am learning Esperanto since january and I am kinda starting to understand how it works, but I am doing this project from school where I needed to write a text about me since the project is learning ...
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Por nekonata kvanto, cxu oni uzu "kiu" aux "kiuj"?

Ofte kiam oni volas demandi pri personoj en iu situacio, oni ne scias cxu estas unu persono aux pluraj. Ekzemple: Kiu/Kiuj iros al la klubo hodiaux? Mia kaj David iros. Kiun/Kiujn sxi helpas? Sxi ...
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2 answers

What makes ĉu necessary?

This is not a question about the actual rules but a hypothetical one: had ĉu never been introduced to the language, but all the rest was the same, what, if any, would be some ambiguities this would ...
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Car and driving vocabulary

Does anyone have a list of the different parts of a car (inside outside, e.g. windshield, trunk, steering wheel, gear) along with their Esperanto words? Similarly, any vocabulary list relating to ...
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La objekto de "demandi"

"Demandi" estas transitiva verbo. Do, oni devas demandi ion (aŭ "pri io"? Vidu poste). Nu, kion oni devas uzi kiel objekton kun "demandi"? Ĉu tio pri kio oni demandas ("Mi demandas scii la veron") aŭ ...
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Kion signifas fini demandon per "do"?

Ekzemploj: "Kaj kio do?" – "Al kiu do?" – "Kial do?" Tekstaro donas pli ol 100 similajn rezultojn por la serĉesprimo " do\?"
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How to translate "what if" to Esperanto?

The English expression what if is an idiom meaning what would happen if, what do I do if, or something similar. An example is What if they don't like my cake? Is there an expression in Esperanto ...
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Question structure in Esperanto

Does every question in Esperanto have to be formed with ĉu or one of the ki- words (kie, kio, kiam,... etc) ?
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How do I say "How is it going"

I find this expression very useful, when, for example, I am talking with people I haven't been in touch with for some time. How is school going? How is your project going? I've seen others use ...
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What do the responses "Jes" and "Ne" mean to the question "Ĉu ne vi volas pomon?"?

It is uncommon to receive a question with ne just before the subject. As far as I know, ne relates to the word just after it, so what would be the meaning of a simple Jes or Ne as responses to this ...
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