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6 votes
2 answers

Kial ne “okulvitro” anstataŭ “okulvitroj” se kaj “pantalono” kaj “tondilo” estas singularaj?

Logike, se oni portas okulvitrojn, tio kio estas super la nazo estas unuopa, kvankam ĝi enhavas du pecoj da vitro aŭ plasto.
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6 votes
2 answers

Has Esperanto ever been successfully reformed?

Many people have tried to change Esperanto to their own liking. Have any reform proposals ever entered the general language? (Are there, for example, Ido elements in current usage? – No this is not an ...
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4 votes
10 answers

What would be the roadmap to propose a spelling reform?

The Esperanto community tends to be specially resistant to reforms - so a lot of proposals like Esperanto II and Ido have not achieved much. On the other hand, natural languages suffer occasional ...
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