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Recordings of fluently spoken Esperanto?

Where can one find recordings of fluently spoken Esperanto (conversations, podcasts, audio books...), where the speaker commands the language with the speed and ease of a first language speaker?
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2 answers

Esperanto discord server?

I have a question concerning speaking practice, specifically, if there's any widely known discord server for Esperantists to discuss various topics and for beginners to practise speaking.
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1 answer

What words, phrases, or noises are appropriate for backchanneling in Esperanto?

Backchanneling is the feedback that listeners give to show that they are listening.
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Reading out address numbers

In the Ana Pana course, Ana pronounces her house number 1234 as "mil ducent tridek kvar". In English, I would not say "I live at one thousand two hundred thirty-four Long Street", I would say "one two ...
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