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Did Zamenhof recommend this usage of apostrophe in the H-System?

La Vikipedio has the following passage: Por eviti la ambiguecon en tiu sistemo en vortoj kiel flughaveno, chashundo, traumata (ĉu traŭmata aŭ tra-um-ata?), oni devas aldone uzi alian montrilon. ...
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Why do Esperantists use more "x" instead of "h", which is in the Esperanto alphabet?

I was wondering why some Esperantists use the x system (it isn't in the Esperanto alphabet) instead of h (which is in the Esperanto alphabet). Should not it be promoted to h, regularized, or something ...
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Hyphenation and syllable and morpheme boundaries

I've noticed that on Wiktionary for Esperanto words that include hyphenation, polymorphemic words (usually ones with derivational suffixes) are not hyphenated as I would expect. For example, the word ...
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Double letters in Esperanto

When I started to learn Esperanto, I remember that one said to me there are no exceptions and the words sound how they are written. So I'm really surprised to see some words with double letters such ...
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What would be the roadmap to propose a spelling reform?

The Esperanto community tends to be specially resistant to reforms - so a lot of proposals like Esperanto II and Ido have not achieved much. On the other hand, natural languages suffer occasional ...
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Which letter would be hardest to avoid in an Esperanto lipogram?

A lipogram is a text where one or more letters have been omitted on purpose. A great example is French author George Perec’s novel La disparition, which doesn’t even once contain the letter E. In an ...
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