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I think a good way to express bumping into something could be kolizii kun io. Here are some examples from the Tekstaro: Elirante tiun matenon, ŝi preskaŭ koliziis kun Marta Martin. La 20an de decembro 1995 usona aviadilo koliziis kun monto en Kolombio. However, this might be considered a bit more violent than bumped into. John Well’s dictionary ...


You have many options: trafi, renkonti, kolizii, bati ... I don't know of a pattern to describe that. en as a prefix or preposition only works if you end up inside the the thing; enpaŝi (room), enpuŝi (plug), enflugi (somebody's airspace). How could you say it then? She bumped into me Ŝi koliziis kun me But depending on the situation you could use ...

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