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How do you translate "Oh woe is me"?

Yes it is. Ho, ve al mi! morti en la brakoj de fremdulo! Oh, woe is me! to die in the arms of a stranger! That is from Zamenhof's own translation of Schiller's play Die Räuber. The original German ...
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How do you translate "Oh woe is me"?

Ho ve al mi is fine. mir is the singular first person pronoun in the dative case. English marks the dative with the preposition to, which in this translation was somehow left out. Esperanto marks it ...
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traduko: Die Mutter wäscht dem Kind die Haare

The general idea of using al instead of a possessive is attested in PMEG: En iaj frazoj pri ies korpoparto, vestaĵo aŭ simile, oni kutimas uzi al-komplementon anstataŭ poseda pronomo: Mi lavis al ...
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