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I couldn't find anything either for reive (nor reave), but the word rabataki comes to mind, which with rab/ expresses the looting of cattle or goods and with atak/ the suddenness and violence of it. There are also sereval entries in Tekstaro of forms of this word. So reiver would be rabatakanto or rabatakisto.


La respondantoj tre klopodis formuli difinon de privacy breach, kio ne estas tasko de tradukanto. La Kanada leĝo (verŝajne tute intence) ne tiom precizigas la aferon ("breaches of security safeguards involving personal information"). La Esperanta vorto breĉo signifas ian truon aŭ fendon, kaj estas iom tro konkreta por ĉi tia leĝa signifo de "breach". Ne ...


It's unlikely an established Esperanto word for this already exists. I'm unsure what exactly characterizes a "grook" and thus whether it can captured by a kunmetaĵo that is both sufficiently concise (i.e., short) and also sufficiently precise (to avoid confusion with non-grook types of similar sorts of poems or aphorisms). If "grook" just means "aphoristic ...

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