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Mr. Anderson
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I'm an beginner science fiction writer, who's focus is science fiction as close to reality as science fiction can get. and I only really write about things as they would actually exist and happen. it's a habit that comes with the territory of being an autistic savant.

I even use actual simulators to find out what can happen and what cannot as my main hobby. I also watch anime, and educate myself with YouTube videos. I also sometime work on games with unity engine.

I also am a PMC, although I am not sharing details. I mostly work in the COIN and security fields. and have a reputation with my peers of being an inhuman monster during operations. It actually takes a monster like me to fight and defeat monsters like ISIS.

and it should be noted, that everything i say usually is seldom a personal opinion. being Autistic means everything I conceive is developments of somebody else's, is a composite of somebody else's, and is mostly very unoriginal and unimaginative.

plus I myself consider other's thoughts about me as unimportant--which comes with the territory of being autistic. I lack an ego and self image pretty much. and during tests that asked what i thought about myself in school, I found myself unable to answer the questions presented.

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