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Are people misusing the ek- verbs?
8 votes

As often occurs in PIV, the definition is a bit narrower than actual usage. Certainly ek- can connote abruptness, but such abruptness isn't necessarily part of the meaning. It's worth noting the that ...

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De kie venas la vorto «ĉikani»?
Accepted answer
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Laŭ Vilborg, ĝi venis de franca chicaner, germana schikanieren, kaj pola szykanowac'. Por komparo, li mencias ankaŭ la anglan chicanery kaj la portugalan chicanar. Li cetere notas: Origine la ...

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Esperanto and LaTeX
5 votes

With teTeX and the later TeX Live distributions, I've successfully used UTF-8 encoded source files (complete with the ĉapelitaj literoj) by adding the following packages in the document header: \...

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