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Is "koramiko" gender neutral or always male?

amik·o, like most other nouns in Esperanto (and other than most or all Esperanto terms for specific relatives), is, as far as I know, sex- / gender-neutral. Is that also the case for kor·amik·o? Or ...
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Why does 'gender' translate to 'sekso'?

Laŭ mia scio, la Esperanta vorto 'sekso' tradukiĝas al 'sex' en la angla. Sed, ne ŝajnas esti vorto pro 'gender' — Guglo Traduki tradukas 'gender' al 'sekso' kaj ne povas traduki ĝin. ...
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How common is the "-iĉ-" suffix to denote maleness?

I read a great article once about an apparent "controversy" in Esperanto - the fact that words are considered by default to be male, and the "-in-" suffix is added to make them female. It discusses ...
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Does Esperanto have a gender-neutral pronoun that can be used for humans?

In English, if I don't know the gender of the person I'm referring to, I'm stuck using one of several suboptimal pronoun options. For example, if I want to say: The lawyer is sick. ___ is going ...
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