Imagine this discussion:

  • "Kiel vi fartas?"
  • "Bone"
  • "Ankaŭ mi" / "Mi ankaŭ"

Is there a difference between "Ankaŭ mi" and "Mi ankaŭ"? Where should I put "ankaŭ"?

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I don't believe that Mi ankaŭ is wrong. However ankaŭ normally goes before the relevant word or phrase, and that is the habit to form.

The exceptions occur with ki- pronouns, e.g. Kiu ankaŭ havas tiun problemon? ("Who else has that problem?") and (very occasionally) with other pronouns for stylistic reasons: Ĉu li ankaŭ troviĝis inter la amaso? ("Was he, also, to be found among the crowd?") When reading those sentences aloud, you should stress the words kiu ankaŭ and li ankaŭ for the sake of clarity.

For more details, see PMEG on ankaŭ.

  • Your answer is slightly misleading, since PMEG – as you linked – recommends to not (over)use putting ankaŭ after a pronoun (but not a ki-correlative) it relates to, lest it cause confusion. Sep 5, 2016 at 20:30
  • I've edited my answer to clarify that. Thanks. Sep 6, 2016 at 1:56

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