How does one form a comparative sentence that has a clause in it? For comparative with adjectives the particle ol connects the two elements that are being compared, but when one of the compared elements is a sentence, should ol be used too? For example, how would you say: 'It was better than I had expected'?

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This is a sentence from Tekstaro that may be useful to answer your question (emphasis are mine):

Tuj mi seniĝis de la vestoj, saltis en la akvon kaj naĝis for. Sed estis pli malvarme ol mi atendis, kaj mi ne restis longe en la lago.


Immediately I got rid of the clothes, jumped into the water and swim away. But it was colder than I (had) expected, and I did not stay long in the lake.

This is a possible translation:

It was better than I had expected. ==> Estis pli bone ol mi atendis.

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