The Wells dictionary has the following entry:

akcel/o accelerate; further, promote;

Surely it should be "akceli" if we are talking about a verb? But "akceli" isn't listed. Usually, when a root form can take both a verb and noun ending, it's listed differently, e.g.:

akcent/o, -i accent, stress

Plena Ilustrita Vortaro has both "akceli" (to accelerate) and "akcelo" (acceleration).

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It is a mistake, as you noted. As a rule of thumb PIV triumphs over most, especially non-Esperanto, dictionaries.

Most if not all Esperanto dictionaries give as the first entry the form that matches the radikokarakteron, in this case akceli/i because the root akcel/ has a verb-like character. If your dictionary leaves that out, it's a serious error.

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