How do I say "Thank you, Mr. Obvious?" Or is it "Captain Obvious"? Anyway, this is a slang response when someone says something that is known to the other person - and this should be obvious to the other person, too.

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    "Captain Obvious" is the normal term, but I think it's obvious what you mean even if you say "Mr. Obvious" :) Oct 15, 2016 at 11:42

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There doesn't seem to be any routine equivalent that would be globally understood. The French equivalent is Merci, M. de la Palice and a few European languages refer to lapalissades. In Spanish and Portuguese the person is Pedro Grullo, and the word perogrullada. In Chinese it seems to be "And Mum's a girl" (roughly "And the Pope's Catholic"). In Japanese it's just "Oh re-e-eally?"

One possibility is to refer sarcastically to Sherlock Holmes (Dankon, Sherlock), but you might as well translate it directly:

Dankon, Doktoro Evidento

Dankon, Profesoro de Evidentaĵoj

Dankon, Sinjoro Antaŭ-la-Nazo

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