"Best practice" is a way that is generally accepted as the best way to do something, something one can see as the best or ideal way of doing things. It might be a standard that people strive for in an industry.
How would one express that in Esperanto?

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My first thought was plejbonkutime, but I think praktiko ("application, putting into practice") is okay here, and follows the international form.

Little has been written in Esperanto about management, but I would translate as follows.

  • Bonpraktike, oni... It is [a] good practice to...

  • Plejbonpraktike, oni... Best practice is to...

  • La konsilinda regulo estas... The advisable policy is to...

  • Konsilinde estas... Konsilindas... It is advisable to...

  • Ni sekvas industriajn (plej)bonpraktikojn. We follow industry best practices.

  • Ĉi tiu metodo estas industria normo. This method is an industry standard.

  • Konforme al (plej)bonpraktiko en nia industrio... In conformance with best practice in our industry...

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