As in "Every once and a while, I like to listen to Radiohead"

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Here are some possible translations (supposing you mean "every once in a while"): de tempo al tempo, fojfoje, iam-tiam.

Examples from Tekstaro:

Fojfoje ŝi kaŭris ĉe la malsupraj librobretoj.

Estis humide kaj malvarme, kaj iam-tiam ekpluvis.

Inter la arboj, de tempo al tempo glitis ombro de ama paro.

Here's how I would translate your sentence:

Every once in a while, I like to listen to Radiohead.

De tempo al tempo mi ŝatas aŭskulti Radiohead.

According to PMEG non-Esperantized names can appear without the O-ending or the N-ending.


Your best choice would be de tempo al tempo - literally, from time to time.

Foje, kelkfoje, and fojfoje are options. The first two mean "at times" and fojfoje means "on rare occasions".

My advice would be to avoid using iam-tiam. It's not a common expression. It doesn't seem to follow logically from the meaning of the words. Finally, although it is found in the Tekstaro, there are only a few authors who use it - and those that do seem to use it a lot. My hunch is that it's a literal translation of a Russian expression

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