My guess is, ‘Mi priviŝis la tablon.’

I mean in the sense of cleaning (as opposed to drying), but I am aiming, as does the English, at something more specific than, say, merely removing the dirty dishes, and less specific than, say, scrubbing out a stain.

  • With viŝis one can add an adverb or even: Mi viŝis la tablon pura. Maybe the sence is tute or la tutan tablon.
    – Joop Eggen
    Commented Jan 14, 2019 at 10:49

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I would just say:

Mi viŝis la tablon.

The definition in PIV is:

Purigi objekton, frotante ĝin per io, kio forigas polvon, malsekecon ks

That seems to match what I would understand by “wipe down the table”. I don’t understand what the pri in priviŝi adds to the word.

I think Karlomania’s suggestions are good too, but I wonder if you asked someone to “purigi la tablon” they might not think that necessarily involves getting out a cloth and wiping it.


If you mean "wiped down" in the sense of cleaning, you could say:

Mi purigis la tablon.

If you mean "wiped down" in the sense of drying, you could say:

Mi sekigis la tablon.

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