I personally was going with detranĉaĵo. Is that a correct translation of jumpcut? What other, or more correct, translation could I use?

  • Parenteze, mi scivolemas pri kial vi volas scii? Ĉu vi tradukas film-softvaron eble? Oct 6, 2016 at 22:53

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Detranĉaĵo is a little bit general. Without context I would think of a slice of bread that's cut of a loaf.

Film making terminology in Esperanto is not really well developed AFAICS. For jump cut you could actually use a litteral translation so salttranĉo.

However it turns out that in Esperanto you usually don't talk about cutting but about gluing when it comes to film or audio editing. For gluing two film or sound snippets together you use the verb "munti".

So one candidate would be saltmunto or maybe interrompa munto.

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