I checked Reta Vortaro and got no hits, Google translate proposed "preterpasi".

I'm looking for meaning 1.b. "to catch up with and pass by" according to Merriam-Webster, so preterpasi is probably the best translation. I wasn't aware that it could be just "catch up with", but the second meaning "to come upon suddenly" seems easy to translate. It's a word with a lot of meanings.

Other suggestions?

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John Wells’ dictionary has the following:

overtake preter-veturi, -atingi, -pasi, devanci

I think in the general sense preterpasi seems good and is the word I would have chosen too. Perhaps preterveturi could be used if you wanted to be more precise when talking about overtaking someone on the road.

I wasn’t aware of the meaning “catch up with” either, but perhaps that is the one Wells is trying to capture with preteratingi.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard devanci. It has 6 hits in the tekstaro, wheras preterpasi has over a hundred (by default it stops searching after 100). I can’t think of a reason to use that over preterpasi. The latter has the advantage of being fairly self-explanatory even if you’ve never heard it.


I generally use transpasi for this meaning.

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