What's feedback in Esperanto? I used respondo (for example, biologia respondo for biofeedback), but I think it may not be the best translation.

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Feedback has several meanings in English.

In science and engineering, a circuit providing feedback is a retrokuplo, and the result can be pozitiva/negativa retrokuplado or -eco. (Kupli is to couple.) Biological feedback is biologia retroregulig(ad)o, the process by which a system is steadily regulated (reguligata). [The first is in Wells's; both are in PIV.]

  • Aŭdiĝis terura retrokupla kriĉo. There was heard a terrible screech of feedback.

  • En la korpo, homeostato estas la celo de retroreguligado per multaj retroagaj reakcioj. In the body, homeostasis is the goal of a feedback process using many compensatory reactions.

More generally, it is re-enmetado or rea enmetado.

  • Ĝi estis ree enmetita en la sistemon. It was fed back into the system.

The word is also used to mean "comments and criticism in reaction to a proposal or published work" which could be translated as priaj reagoj or something similar.

  • Mi ricevis komentojn kaj kritikojn pri la propono. I received comments and criticisms about the proposal.

  • Ŝi legis la malneton kaj donis reagajn konsilojn. She read the draft and gave some feedback.


Retrokuplo - Funkciado de sistemo kies eligo estas retrokuplita kun la enigo; la signalo tiel transigata: pozitiva, negativa retrokuplo. http://www.reta-vortaro.de/revo/art/retrokupl.html#retrokupl.0o


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